Arestin Post-Op Instructions


Don’t Touch

Avoid touching areas of your gums that your hygienist has treated.

Wait to Brush

Wait 12 hours after your treatment with arestin before brushing your teeth.

Wait to Floss

Do not floss or use toothpicks or any other devices that clean between your teeth for 10 days.

Avoid Eating Hard, Crunchy, or Sticky foods

Avoid for 1 full week after arestin treatment

Always Follow Up

Because the bacteria that causes periodontal disease are persistent, the infection can return. Please be sure to make follow-up appointments with your dental hygienist to maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Keep Your Scheduled Appointments

It is important to keep all of your dental appointments so that your dental hygienist can re-examine your gums, make sure the infections is under control, and measure the success of your treatment!