Clear Braces by SureSmile®

A fantastic smile starts with straight teeth. If you have teeth that cause you to be concerned about your smile, there are revolutionary new treatments to straighten your teeth without all the traditional problems.

Gone are the days of a mouthful of painful, unsightly metal braces. No more frequent trips to the orthodontist to have your braces tightened. Forget difficulty eating, headaches and nosebleeds because of this tightening pressure. All that is yesterday’s technology.

The results are stunning! There is no difference in the results between clear braces and metal braces… both work equally well and if used correctly, can obtain identical results.

The major reason for choosing one over another is aesthetics. Getting to a confident smile and having your teeth fixed without anyone noticing is now possible. Using a special computerized technology to make unique custom-designed invisible braces, you can now have your teeth treated without worrying about how you look wearing metallic braces.

There are 3 reasons our patient’s choose clear braces by SureSmile®:

  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Cosmetics

How Do Clear Braces by SureSmile® Work?

Clear Braces by SureSmile® are made using a state-of-the-art technology and are customized to the form and shape of your teeth. They enable straightening of the teeth with the help of a series of clear removable plastic aligners. The aligners are replaced every two weeks.

Both adults and teenagers can benefit from invisible braces. Wearers usually see positive results and an improved appearance of their teeth and looks even during the initial stages of the treatment. In normal cases, the treatment duration is about twelve months, much quicker than with metal braces.

Here’s the good news! The aligners are removable, and you can the normal foods you love to eat without any discomfort or risk of damaging brackets or wires. No emergency appointments saves you time. It is also easier to maintain better oral hygiene since you can brush and floss like you normally would.

What Do Clear Braces by SureSmile® Fix?

It is possible to solve almost all abnormalities of your teeth. These include overbites, crossbites, underbites, overcrowded teeth, widely spaced teeth and many other conditions. The only type of orthodontic treatment invisible braces cannot address are the more difficult movements that may ultimately require traditional braces such as rotation or vertical movement.

Give Dr. Ybee a call at 619.298.0821 to see if invisible braces are right for you. No one need ever know. Only your fabulous smile might give it away.