One-Visit Crowns & Bridges Using CEREC® Technology

Dr. Ascough’s focus is on providing her patients with the highest levels of dental care in a comfortable and caring environment. She has more than 20 years experience and has been providing outstanding dental care to the people of San Diego for many years. Her commitment to excellence and her dedication to providing superior dental care makes her one of the premier dentists in San Diego.

Dr. Ascough uses CEREC® the latest crown technology that allows us to create and place crowns in one appointment. CEREC® is a computer supported process for all ceramic fillings, veneers, and crowns. The lifespan of CEREC® restorations is similar to gold and the color is made to match your natural teeth, so they are virtually invisible.

This allows her to provide you with high quality dental crowns without impressions or temporaries, lengthy treatment sessions, or return appointments.

Do you have small cracks or chips in your teeth? Do you have severely discolored teeth? Would you like more information on how dental crowns can improve your look and health? Whatever your dental crown need Dr. Ascough can help you.


CEREC® Technology Video


Superior Dental Crown San Diego

Dr. Ascough takes your dental crown needs seriously. Throughout every step of the dental crown process, from consultation to completion, her personal dedication and genuine caring is evident. This level of caring makes it possible for her to fulfill your dental crown needs to the highest levels of satisfaction. She always takes the time to communicate with you and walk you through your dental procedure. She will gladly answer or resolve any question or concern you may have about your procedure. As one of San Diego’s premier dentists she has a singular awareness of the impact a beautiful smile can have on your life. Her goal is to give a smile you will want to share with everyone you see.