COVID-19 Update

It is our hope that you and your families find yourselves in good health throughout the current COVID-19 outbreak. As your dental care provider, your health is our highest priority and the care and maintenance of oral health remains essential to overall well-being. We are paying close attention to COVID-19; strictly adhering to the CDC and WHO guidelines.

We will continue to communicate with county and city leaders, physicians, hospital management and medical directors to maximize disease prevention throughout the course of this pandemic. Our hours of patient care and schedule have not changed thus far and we will issue updates if change is in order. We are also actively following American Dental Association and California Dental Association safety recommendations. Below are some general recommendations they have shared with us.

  • Avoid large group gatherings and events.
  • Those aged 60+ should limit travel and groups.
  • Many children and healthy adults will exhibit only mild cold like symptoms.
  • Please reschedule your appointment even if you are mildly sick or show symptoms, please take some time at home to get healthy. Call us if you’re unsure.
  • Wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds.
  • Practice good personal hygiene.
  • Exercise regularly. Eat well.

We have revamped personal protective equipment for everyone’s safety. We cannot give you masks as our health care providers need them to serve effectively. We continue to practice infection control in all patient areas limiting any possible risks. Instruments are sterilized and spore tested regularly. All surfaces are wiped and sanitized before and after every visit. Our health care facility is OSHA strict and we are here to serve and protect our community with confidence. We are here to ensure the continuity of your care is uninterrupted. Your oral health and total health are important to us.