Fastbraces® San Diego

The New and Amazing Fastbraces® Clear

Crooked teeth can make you uncomfortable and self-conscious. No matter your age, if you have crooked teeth you want them straight and beautiful and you want it NOW!

Old style braces to straighten teeth have been around for decades. Advances in technology is rapidly changing the way braces straighten teeth, the length of time it takes, the cost, and the comfort level. Gone are the days of painful braces costing a small fortune.

Fastbraces®, a revolution in teeth straightening technology, helps move the crown and root of the teeth at the same time, from the beginning of the treatment. Patients can now get results often with less sensitivity, in about a year, and in some instances, just 3 months. For information on how Fastbraces® works click here.

Want Braces You Can’t See?

The new and amazing Fastbraces® Clear ceramic bracket offers the same advantages of moving teeth as the Fastbraces® metal brackets with the added benefit of an aesthetic and totally cosmetic solution.

The Fastbraces® Benefits:

  • Faster
  • Fewer Doctor Visits
  • Less Discomfort
  • Lower Cost
  • Less Chance of Tooth Decay
  • Less Retainer Usage
  • Natural Bite Preserved
  • No Extractions Needed